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A report from a welcome meeting of philology and Erasmus students. November 2014

The reason for delay of the present publication was an intense, cultural exchange during the integration described below. As a result, the motor skills of an individual responsible for the following report have been damaged almost to the point of no return. It took over 2 months to make a noticeable recovery. By the same reason, the description may seem inconsistent in places, especially for the reader, who was directly involved in the incident event. Please, accept my sincere apologies.

22 November 2014. Time for another, traditional integration meeting between Turkish ERASMUS students and Polish students of English philology department. Location - students house "Olimp" (yep, as the Olympus, fitting place to host such grand event). Estimated starting time - 3pm.

The first to arrive (as it usually happens in such cases) were the representatives of the technical service department. These heroic, engineering wizards had put up all the necessary ultramodern equipment in just a few hours. Therefore, they have provided others with a solid basis for further activities.

Meanwhile, the tables buckled under the weight of exotic victuals. Cakes, salads, meat dishes and also those tiny-tiny canapés. However, as I recall with great regret, participants could only stare at them in awe until the first part of the event was over. Only then did actual tasting begin.

The hosts. They were like an embodiment of class in itself. Their smooth way of conducting the meeting, excellent diction, impeccable appearance and professionalism have met with appropriate response. At times, they even managed to temporarily rise to the godlike level of last year's hosts.

Naturally, after the inauguration we were entertained with presentations prepared by the Polish and Turkish students. Those included, among many others, lavishly illustrated-one about the campus of the Mersin University, painstakingly prepared-one about Polish traditions, and (personal favorite) - the presentation of Turkish cuisine.

The guests had also tried to compete at numerous competitions. Classically, we played puns, Chinese whispers, tongue twisters and others. Volunteers could try their best not only in tasks that required quick thinking but also in breakneck physical tasks (for example, an egg run - it's a miracle that nobody got hurt).

I have been amazed by a huge amount of effort and work that students had put into the event. Music and dance performances prepared by our lovely, female students were simply great. Karaoke? Couldn’t wish for more.

The official part of the meeting ended with the presentation of a short movie, assembled from interviews which were given during the integration party.

The party was over a couple of hours later.

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